SAA Announces New Rates for Excess Baggage

by Black Diamond Digital Service

With immediate effect, South African Airways has introduced a slight increase in charges for excess baggage for travel between London and Southern Africa.
Charges are calculated in accordance with routes of travel, Economy or Business Class and the number of additional pieces of excess luggage.
For Economy travellers from London to South Africa the new rate is GBP65.00 for the first piece of extra luggage and GBP120.00 per piece for any additional second or third pieces. The rate for the first extra item of luggage for Business Class travellers is now GBP120.00 with a further GBP120.00 per piece for any supplementary luggage items.
The rates for London to Africa routes via Johannesburg vary slightly.
For Economy Class, the fee for the first extra piece is GBP90.00 and GBP150.00 for Business Class travellers. Additional second or third pieces accrue a charge of GBP150.00 per item for both Economy and Business.
These baggage rates apply to each bag that exceeds the number of pieces stipulated in the traveller’s baggage allowance as well as luggage items in excess of the prescribed minimum dimensions and weight allowance.
Terms and conditions apply subject to the specifics of a traveller’s individual booking.
For more detailed information on excess baggage, please visit our baggage allowance section.  

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