Effective 4th January 2017 - new excess baggage charges

04 January 2023

Starting from the 4th January 2017, excess baggage charges will increase as follows:


From London Heathrow to South Africa:

Business Class: £90 per piece up to 32kg

Economy Class: £50 per piece up to 23kg

From London Heathrow to Africa (excluding South Africa):

Economy Class: £60 per piece up to 23kg

EMDs issued before 4th January 2017 will be honoured as ticketed and the new rates will not apply to these EMDs. However, any voluntary changes (re-routing or upgrading) to the ticket, will be subject to the new rates outlined above.


New transactions on or after the 4th January 2017, will be at the new increased rates outlined above.


In addition to the free baggage allowance permitted per booking, SAA continues to offer its customers the unique benefit of a free piece of sporting equipment up to 23kgs.


For more information, call 020 8576 5555, option 2.

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