Chargeable Advance Seat Reservations

by Sally Cook

South African Airways has expanded pre-booked seating options through our Chargeable Advance Seat Reservation system. Customers can now choose where they want to sit in advance. Whether travelling alone, or in company, customers can now select seating preferences, choosing between an aisle or window, ensuring they’re seated with family, or with the assurance of looking forward to a little extra leg room.

What’s new?

  • Previously SAA provided those passengers booked in the ‘Select’ fare family (Y, B, M, and K) with an option to pre-seat before departure on domestic flights. All other Economy Class passengers booked in the lower fare families were assigned seats at check-in.
  • Now passengers booked in the ‘Saver’ (G, W and L) and ‘Plus’ (V, T, Q, S, and H) fare families for domestic flights, and passengers booked in the ‘Saver’ fare family (G, W, and L) for international flights will also be afforded this improved choice and benefit.
  • Passengers not opting to select this new benefit will be able to select those seats still available, free of charge, once check-in opens (i.e. 24 hours before departure) or at one of our check-in counters at the airport. As part of our loyalty programme, certain tier level Voyager members may reserve a seat in advance and the fee will be waived.

Travel agents with bookings made on Galileo can make seat reservations via the ‘Manage my Booking’ tab on, or those using Amadeus can make seat reservations on behalf of customers via their GDS. We will update this policy on when this functionality is available via other GDS. Seat reservations can also be made via our Call Centre on 0844 375 9680.


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