Celebrate Mandela Month

by Katie Edwards Partners

Last Friday, 18th July, the world once again celebrated Nelson Mandela's birthday. SAA staff joined millions of South Africans in giving up 67 minutes of their time to a good cause in order to mark the 67 years of his life Mandela gave to the struggle for social justice.

One such cause is The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund which, as one of the former Presidents legacies, now helps around 87,000 children and young people every year. The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund's latest project to build a 200 bed paediatric hospital is well under way with construction starting in March this year. Having already raised £39m to date, a further £18m is needed to complete the construction.

If you would like to help this worthy cause, visit their website to find out more. Or click here to make a donation.

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