Advance Passenger Information System

Currently SAA do not require APIS information for our passengers to travel, (except on routes to/from the USA). All checks are done at check-in when the passport is swiped. SAA do not require a minimum of 72hrs prior to departure to get the checks done.

Name Misspelled On Ticket

If the name on the ticket does not match that on the passport, the passenger will not be allowed to travel. We no longer consider up to 2 letters difference in the name acceptable nor do we accept a copy of the marriage certificate when passengers are booked in their married name and travelling on a passport in their maiden name.

This is due to the implementation of APP, (Advanced Passenger Processing). This is a system whereby required data elements are collected and transmitted by airlines to border control agencies at the time of check-in.

Passenger data is checked against warning alerts, and may also be checked against visa and passport data. Border alert processing is done for each passenger as they check in, and a message is returned to the airline advising whether or not the passenger should be allowed to board.

Remember - Any bookings made for travel to USA must have the details entered for Secure Flight Passenger Data.

To change name element details:

NOTE: Name changes are not permitted once the E-Ticket has been issued. Where the name has been misspelled, the reservation must be cancelled and a new booking made in the correct name for the same dates/itinerary and a new ticket issued. If the original classes are no longer available, the higher fare must be charged. The incorrect ticket must then be submitted for a full refund via BSP Link less GBP 50.00 admin fee. The request must be backed up with the new E-Ticket number and a copy of the passport.

Ticketing timelimits

Ticketing time limits (TTLs) vary, based on booking classes, fare type etc. The fare rules will specify the TTLs and once a booking is made the auto-robot system will update the TTL in the booking. 

Name of Child and Accompanying Adult Do Not Match

If a parent is travelling alone with their child and they have a different surname, they need to have a letter from the other parent, giving authority for them to take the child out of the country. This will also apply in the case of Grandparents taking a child abroad. They must have a copy of the parents passport showing the signature, to ensure that the signature matches the one on the letter.

This only occurs if the surnames do not match.

Infant Turning 2 On Route

IATA regulations state that any child 2 years of age or over must occupy their own seat. Therefore, if a child is under 2 on the outbound flight but reaches their second birthday before the return date of travel, the fare must be constructed as half the infant fare for the outbound journey plus half the child fare for the return journey. Two tickets will need to be issued.

National Express

We have been working with National Express to enable you to make interline bookings for your customers from various Locations around the UK. This means the entire itinerary, starting with the coach journey all the way to the customer's final South African Airways destination and back, can be made in one simple transaction.

This new itinerary can only be booked through a travel agent and making both the booking and travel processes seamless and convenient for customers.


The integrated itinerary gives: 

  • ability to book a complete journey in one simple transaction for customers going to and from various UK towns and cities.
  • customers peace of mind that their onward journey from London Heathrow will be protected in case their coach or flight is delayed
  • online check in for the coach journey is available from 72 hours before departure
BHX- Birmingham BOH- Bournemouth BRS- Bristol
BSH- Brighton CBG- Cambridge CHW- Cheltenham Spa
CLB- Colchester CVT- Coventry CWL- Cardiff
EXT- Exeter KYN- Milton Keynes LGW- Gatwick Airport
LTN- Luton Airport NQT- Nottingham NWI- Norwich
OXF- Oxford PLH- Plymouth POQ- Poole
QEW- Leicester QQX- Bath Spa RNW- Ringwood
SOU- Southampton STN- Stansted Airport SWS- Swansea
TTY- Taunton WNC- Winchester XNE- Newport (South Wales)
XWS- Swindon    

National Express schedules are distributed under the 9B code operating between London Heathrow and the destinations above. 

Class mapping

Customers should be booked onto South African Airways and National Express Coach booking classes as follows:

South African Airways booking class (SA) National Express Coaches 9B 001-999 
C, J, Z, D S
G, W, L, V, T, Q, S, H, K, M, B, Y S


*9B 446  S9                    CWL   LHRTN  1330    1650  E1 BUS

SA 237  C9 J9 Z9 D8 EL IL RL /LHR 2 JNB A  2105    1015+1E0/332      18:45

Y9 B9 M9 K9 H9 S9 Q9 T9 V9 L9 W9 G9 XL NL


Itineraries involving SA and 9B should be ticketed on 083 ticket stock only. The process for issuing a South African Airways ticket remains the same as issuing any other interline journey.


An MSSR will be sent at time of booking advising the travel agent that the customer (or agent) must check-in for coach travel within 72hrs of departure.

Customers should check in online for their coach sectors at http://www.accesrail.com/checkin using their name and PNR reference. They will be able to access their print-at-home coach tickets / boarding pass online.

Customers should still check in online at flysaa.com for their flights as normal.


Maximum baggage is 2 suitcases per person (up to 20Kgs per suitcase) plus hand luggage.

Bags will not be through checked by National Express or South African Airways. Passengers are responsible for carriage of their baggage to and from the coach.


Unaccompanied minors are not permitted to use this service.

EMD codes and Refunds

For information on EMD codes and refunds please click here