A bassinet (BSCT) can be requested for an infant, maximum length of 75 cm and a maximum weight of 10 kg. The revised criteria to request the use of a BSCT is restricted by the Infant size and weight. SAA do not have safety belts in the sky cots. Bassinets have to be added in the booking by the travel agent with the following Amadeus code eg.: OS SA INF SIZE 65 CM / WEIGHT 7 KG


SAA offers its passengers a selection of fine South African wines, beers and various liqueurs. On board catering, including all beverages, is free of charge irrespective of the class of travel.


Passengers are allowed to travel with e-cigarettes in their cabin luggage. However, they are not permitted to be smoked on board the aircraft for the comfort and safety of other passengers.


SAA's in-flight entertainment programme has something for everyone. Ranging from the most recent films to news, sports and music through to interactive games - your customers can select from over 100 programmes. They can choose from popular TV series such as Dallas or Downtown Abbey, TV programmes for kids, comedy, arts & culture and wildlife as well as current films. Not only does SAA have an extensive range of films and series on offer, your customers will also be able to enjoy the audio on-demand service with various audio books such as Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales, current music charts, and South African and African music. Alternatively, there are several camera options to explore the vicinity of the aircraft.

Specific entertainment services depend on the route and are only offered in certain languages. While flying from Frankfurt or Munich to Johannesburg, passengers have the opportunity to watch movies in German language. There are also one or two original German movies which can be chosen.

On our long-haul flights, the A340-600, A340-300 and A330-200 aircraft all have seats equipped with audio/video on-demand systems.