Adult traveling with two infants

The rule is one adult one infant.

A single adult passenger may not travel with more than one child under 24 months even if a seat is purchased for one of the children.

Infant occupying a seat

If passengers do not want to sit for the duration of the flight with an infant (0 - 2 years of age) on their lap, they are able to purchase a seat for an infant under 24 months.

The seat would be purchased at the applicable child fare for that route and the passenger may provide a car seat for the infant to sit in.

Infant taxes

At South African Airways we do not have a policy on infant taxes. These will vary based on each country’s departure, airport tax requirements and are quoted by the GDS when a booking is priced.

Infant turning 2 On Route

IATA regulations state that any child 2 years of age or over must occupy their own seat. Therefore, if a child is under 2 on the outbound flight but reaches their second birthday before the return date of travel, the fare must be constructed as half the infant fare for the outbound journey plus half the child fare for the return journey. Two tickets will need to be issued.

Infant safety / car seats

Important Note: Although South African Airways and South African Express allow car seats for infants, South African Airlink do not. Therefore, should a passenger pay a child fare for the infant to travel in their own seat on a SA Airlink flight, (flight numbers SA7991-8353, SA8401-8723, SA8727-8987), the infant will not be able to use the car seat on those flights.

Car seat information

Baby Car Seat

  • Parents or guardians may use baby car seats for their child during the flight.

  • For infants travelling in this manner, a seat must be booked and paid for.

Safety Requirements

  • The car seat must be forward facing and secured to the passenger seat by the aircraft seatbelt.

  • The seat must be fitted with a harness that has a single metal release point, which must secure the infant’s lap, torso and shoulders. - Seats with chest straps may be used however; the chest strap must remain loose for the duration of the flight.

  • Harness straps must be a minimum of 25mm wide.

  • The child must not be able to undo the release point.

  • Children over the age of 36 months or who exceed the weight limitation as stipulated by the manufacturer may not use the car seat on board.















83,82 cm/86,36 cm

81,28 cm

81,28 cm

81,28 cm

78,74 cm

Width between armrests






43.18 cm

44.45 cm

44.7 cm

44.45 cm

44.45 cm

Acceptable car seats

  • Seats meeting European safety standards requirements of ECE regulation 44, -03, or later series of amendments.

  • Seats qualified for use in aircraft according to German “Qualification Procedure for Child Restraint Systems for Use in Aircraft” (TÜV Doc.TÜV/958-01/2001).

  • Should your car seat not meet any of these requirements, it shall be put in the hold as checked baggage.