Business Class

Forward-facing flat beds
Two beds on plane with built in lamps

Relax and enjoy a great night’s sleep in our forward-facing flat beds, which are 53 cm wide with a 185 cm seat pitch. Benefit from the enhanced comfort of an overnight mattress, duvet and full size pillow. An amenity kit including sleep mask, comb, socks, cosmetic products, toothbrush and -paste will make the overnight flight more pleasant.

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Never far from the aisle
Seats on plane in rows of two

Rest assured, our 2-2-2 seat configuration guarantees you a window or aisle seat every time.

On-demand entertainment
Remote control, woman watching screen that can be pulled out.

Watch the latest movies and TV shows on-demand, via a personal 25 cm widescreen, or enjoy our in flight audio entertainment.
Please find our current entertainment programm here.

Gourmet cuisine
Tray with fine food, close up of desert

Enjoy restaurant quality a-la-carte dining, perfectly accompanied by award-winning South African wines.

Award winning wines
Champagne in bucket, wine on rack

Being South African, we offer some of the best wines in the skies. Enjoy a glass of our award winning wines, which are selected by an expert panel once a year.

A generous baggage allowance
Two suitcases

Benefit from a generous two piece baggage allowance (up to 32 kg per bag) with dedicated check-in and priority baggage handling at the airport.

Power at your seat
International plug sockets as well as USB

Power at your seat if you choose to work on board.

Departure and arrivals lounges
Via Lounge and First Class Lounge

Before departure your customers can sit back and enjoy. At Frankfurt airport they can benefit from the Lufthansa Business Lounge or the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge and at Munich airport the Lufthansa Lounge is available for customers. Before departure at the airport O.R. Tambo in Johannesburg your customers can use the dedicated SAA Lounge and our awarded Via Domestic Lounge, located in the domestic flights area. Surrounded by calm and comfort, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for your trip. 
Freshen up and prepare for the day ahead in our comfortable, well-equipped arrivals lounge at the airport O.R. Tambo in Johannesburg where you can shower, have your suit pressed and enjoy breakfast before your morning meeting.

Economy Class

Spacious cabins
Isles of seats on plane

Stretch out and enjoy one of the most spacious cabins to Southern Africa, which combines a 85 cm seat pitch with 46 cm width. An amenity kit including sleep mask, socks,  toothbrush and -paste will make the overnight flight more pleasant.

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Never far from the aisle
Rows of seats in 2-4-2 configuration.

Rest assured, our 2-4-2 seat configuration guarantees that you're only ever one seat away from the aisle.

On-demand entertainment
Screens in back of chairs.

Watch on-demand in flight entertainment of your choice, featuring the latest movies, TV shows and audio on a great 23 cm screen.
Please find our current entertainment programm here.

Delicious food and wine
Breakfast on a tray, wine in a rack

Enjoy a choice of mouth-watering dishes, served with excellent South African wines and a wide range of complimentary drinks.  

Online check in
Laptop and phone

Online check-in is available 24 hours before departure. Save time at the airport by checking in online or through our new mobile app – simply download the app from App Store or Google Play and enter your booking information.

A generous baggage allowance
1 suitcase

Receive a one piece baggage allowance (up to 23 kg per bag).