Changes to Bookings

Refunds (Administrative Charges)

A GBP25.00 service fee will be charged on all refunds processed by SAA in London.

If a ticket is non-refundable or has been partially used and there are no monies due back from the fare, we will refund the unused taxes less the GBP25.00 service fee.

When a refund has been authorised on compassionate grounds due to death or ill health, the GBP25.00 service fee will still be levied.

Refunds (Name Changes)

Due to the South African Government Advanced Passenger Processing (APP) service, the passengers name on their ticket must correspond to the name on their passport.

The passengers' full first name and surname as issued on the travel document must be used when the booking is created. If the name is misspelled, a new ticket must be issued and the incorrect ticket should be submitted for a full refund via BSP Link, less an admin fee of GBP50.00 and indicating the new ticket number.

South African Airways cannot accept tickets issued with names incorrectly spelt under any circumstances (even if by one letter only or if a shortened version of a name is used e.g Tim instead of Timothy) and passengers will be denied boarding.